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Academic & Research Excellence urgently needed to face burgeoning influx of International students & cut throat competition among universities worldwide

AS THE WORLDis all set to take a quantum jump in the international education, there is a dire need to effect massive transformation in the teaching sector with quality product and value for money.
Statistics suggest that the need for international education will increase from meagre 1.8 million international students in 2002 to 7.2 million within next seven years.  This rise shall create huge challenges as well as opportunities. In the given scenario, India is sitting on a goldmine of opportunity to attract foreign students in universities as also to arrest the outward flow of talent.

 Currently some 3,60000 students are going out of India for quality education abroad, draining some 1,30000 Crores rupees of foreign exchange, while the education budget of central government is around Rs. 85000 Crores.

Internationalization at home and globalization of higher education should therefore form an important aspect of the strategic framework of India's higher education that should enable the …